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Our Global Environments Network gathers over 600 members – including activists, artists, practitioners and scholars – from 90 countries from an extraordinary diversity of backgrounds and experiences. Members join the network by participating in one of our events.


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المصطبة  Intangible Cultural Heritage and Peace Building in Palestine 24th June, Monday | 16.00-18.00 UTC/17.00-19.00 BST/18.00-20.00 CEST Heritage is often at risk and under attack, either directly or indirectly, when violence and conflict escalate. Although targeting cultural heritage sites during con

In Conversation Series: Conservation’s Leading Edges This 4-part series gathers practitioners and scholars to discuss practical and philosophical innovations in community-based conservation. The title of the series draws on the ecological principle whereby habitat ‘edges’ are understood as spaces of s

In Conversation Workshop: Stories and Spaces Join us to dive into how we shape stories & stories shape us, and to learn how to tell your story. The stories we tell, and the ways in which we tell them affect how we are in this world, our relationship with the land, with ourselves and with […]

Food sovereignty is about the right of communities to self determine their food systems. It advocates for locally grown and culturally relevant food that centres health and nutrition outside the dominant models of global industrial food production. Cultivating food sovereignty is essential, not only for our ind

Ethical Journalism and Meaningful Storytelling for Social Impact In a mainstream mediascape dominated by narratives of conflict, polarisation and domination; new forms of ethical reporting and collaborative filmmaking are emerging. With the intention of breaking the status quo and shifting the old paradigms of

The Present and Future of Pastoralism: Film Screening and Round Table Extensive livestock farming and nomadism are probably amongst those traditional livelihoods that are facing greatest challenges in our times, with a continuous weakening and disappearance of herders, flocks and migration routes, amongst other

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