Nikki Darrell

Nikki Darrell has been working with plants, their medicine and healing, for over 4 decades as her fascination with the green beings started in early childhood and her primary teachers are the plants she works with. She has worked as a research scientist in the field of plant science; a practitioner of herbal medicine, aromatherapy, aromatic medicine, reflexology, massage, and body work; a gardener; an educator at all levels from introductory to 3rd level, campaigner, and author of 5 books and many articles. She holds a Masters in Social and Co-operative Enterprise which she embarked on due to her love of sustainable community development. She is devoted to the recovery of our societal and culture connection to the plant beings and our kin in Nature, bringing herbal medicine back into the centre of our communities.

As well as training people through herbal apprenticeship and clinical training programmes she now works with Alex facilitating the Nature Resonance work they have developed together; The work of helping people become re-enchanted with their place in the community of Nature, in harmony with the seen and unseen beings. By reaching into themselves and finding the way back home to their true indigenous self, belonging in the family that inhabits this miraculous planet and extends to the bounds of the Universe and beyond into the multiverses unimagined potentials are found from within, rather than looking always for the magical tricks in the outer world.


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