Essia Guezzi

Graduated from the Higher Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technologies, Essia got a master’s degree in Environmental Management of Enterprises in 2012. She started her career as an intern in WWF North Africa in 2015, developing and conducting forest fires awareness campaign was the first challenge in her environmental activism. Meanwhile, she joined the Earth Hour Tunisia association as a project and program officer, she helped in the development of projects and facilitating workshops and capacity building session mainly in environmental education, climate change and building youth skills and knowledge.

Since 2016, Essia officially joined the WWF NA team as first a project assistant and later a project officer under Landscape & Adaptation Program. She coordinated several projects and initiatives, particularly worked with north African civil society organisations acting in environmental fields. Facilitating dialogue, raising awareness and engaging key stakeholders are among her daily tasks. She works actually in different themes specifically the development and promotion of sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean Basin, building capacities of CSOs and communities on climate adaptation and resilience, and coordinating Environmental Education activities in WWF NA. Social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects as a key pillar of sustainable development are applied in a crosscutting manner in her work. She was glad to contribute to the establishment of the label “WILD Tunisia” by elaborating “The General Labeling Standards” within the green economy program of WWF NA.

Her passion of nature and environment conservation was the motivation to join different national, regional and international movement and networks. She was elected for two mandates in the Arab World Climate Action Network Board to represent civil society organisations working on climate change until 2021. Contributing to engage youth, children and local communities in nature conservation is essential to achieve the hopeful changes.

“Changing behaviors, raising awareness and engaging people are certainly challenging for me. Hence, keeping talking to people and using stories and emotional speech can improve our achievement. Environmental activism is more than a job, it’s my life”.

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