Glory Amara Brendan-Otuojor

Amara is a development professional and programme management specialist with over 10 years experiences in developing, implementing and managing projects for nonprofit organisations and consulting firms in the fields of climate change, water, sanitation, gender and education in Nigeria and the Netherlands.

Amara is currently the Head of Programmes at Education Today for Sustainable Development Initiative, a nonprofit organisation whose mission is to improve education, health and development outcomes for Nigeria’s poor and vulnerable children, adolescents and young people (AYP), and girls and women including boys and men. She manages the day-to-day activities of the organisation and provides leadership, technical support and strategic direction to the programme management team with regards to developing project proposal, planning programme activities, preparing budgets, designing work plans, designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation plans, writing reports of projects and maintaining communications with funding partners and sponsors. She also coordinates training of project delivery teams, conduct community dialogues and sensitization programmes, carry out focus group discussions, facilitate stakeholder workshops and lead the development of Information, Education and Communication materials.


Amara is a passionate advocate for gender equality, youth development and climate change. She participated in pioneering advocacy for gender mainstreaming and youth participation in climate change programmes in Nigeria and Africa and was actively involved in organizing the first Nigerian Youth Conference on Climate Change in 2010 which called on government to consider the future of young people and take action to reduce global warming. She has also led capacity building programmes that aimed to catalyse the creativity of youth in developing sustainable solutions to global development issues especially climate change, green innovation, GBV and girl child education.

Amara has received some notable academic and non-academic fellowships which has helped shape her career and built her capacity. She holds a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences with a specialisation in Environmental Planning and Management from UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft, the Netherlands and a Bachelor of Science in Geography and Regional Planning from University of Uyo, Nigeria. In 2013, she received the prestigious Netherlands Fellowship Programme (Now Orange Knowledge Programme) which enabled her pursue and complete a master’s degree in the Netherlands. In 2015, she was awarded the CEWAS Scholarship for Developing Country’s participants for the Start-up Programme for Water, Sanitation and Natural Resources Management Entrepreneurs organized by the International Centre for Water Management Services, Willisau, Switzerland.

Amara is a UNICEF Certified Master Trainer on Stepping Stone Methodology for Community Dialogue on GBV. She is a 2020 TeachSDGs Ambassador.