Inanc Tekguc

Since he participated in the first Global Environments Summer Academy in 2011, Inanc Tekguc has been part of the Global Environments Network (GEN) through his role as Global Diversity Foundation (GDF) Media Consultant. Additionally, as a GEN Resource Person, Inanc offers a fun video communications workshop along with other returning alumni at GEN events.

Inanc is an award winning photographer & filmmaker, and a visual anthropologist. Biocultural diversity, community-based conservation and ethnographic documentation are among the topics that intrigue him.

While partially based in Cyprus, he collaborates internationally with GDF and few other organizations. His contributions include short or feature length films, photographic coverage and visual geo-tagging.  He is always eager to join forces with other GEN members on collaborative projects. Inanc is also part of a creative collective, Karma Motion, together with his friend and colleague, Eda Elif Tibet, another GDF and GEN member.  

When possible, Inanc likes to travel for personal projects and use his camera to explore faces, places and spaces, and sometimes feigns being a pilot when paragliding or flying his drone.

I love being part of what GDF adds to the world, making it a better place bit by bit. Our events are where I charge my personal ‘batteries’ taking energy from highly motivated brilliant participants. I hope that my camera can humbly contribute spread the message of these changemakers who have very important things to say but might not have a camera in their hands.