In Conversation Workshop: Stories and Spaces

Join us to dive into how we shape stories & stories shape us, and to learn how to tell your story.

The stories we tell, and the ways in which we tell them affect how we are in this world, our relationship with the land, with ourselves and with each other. 

We are all storytellers and story listeners. What are our ancestral traditions of storytelling? How did we hear local stories as children? How do we tell our own stories today and the stories of our land? How do we hold spaces for storytelling for ourselves, within our families and communities, so that we’re not just listeners, but tellers and re-tellers as well.

Stories can be used to communicate to the outside world, but more importantly, they help us make sense of our own lived experiences, to capture emotion, learning and the spirit of a moment or idea. Stories help us co-create shared narratives, from the children to the elders, and help us make sense of our roles as custodians of the land. 

Join us for a 2 part series, exploring our own relationships with storytelling, sharing our diverse practices from around the world, developing and practicing our own voices, playing, dancing and tuning this age-old instrument which we shape and which shapes us and the land in return.

The first session will focus on telling our own stories, stories of our lived experiences, and the second session on tuning into the local myths and legends that connect us to places. 

Session 1: 28th February, Wednesday

Session 2: 6th March, Wednesday

Timings: 13.00 – 15.00 GMT

Meet the facilitator: Rowan Salim 

Rowan Salim is a geographer exploring the diverse spaces in which we learn and grow, where anthropo-ecological harmony is sought. After 10 years working in mainstream education and international development, she walked out in a huff and a puff until she got to the edges – where all the wild things were! There she found other walk-outs and weirdos and they told each other stories and danced together!

She went on to jointly set up the Inside Out School, a pop up incubator lab for alternative education, co-founded Free We Grow, a sociocratic children’s learning community in a nature reserve in London, helped establish the Freedom to Learn Network, and is learning how to grow food, make medicine, preserve jams, create habitats and whittle wood with Putney Community Gardens. 

This year Rowan is deep diving into an inquiry into boundaries and edges as spaces for learning and growth; and working out, alongside others, how to tune and play that magical instrument, the story.

Tickets for both sessions are available below. If you are a member of the Global Environments Network, please email for your free ticket.

Session 1

Session 2















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