European Community Exchange 2017

There is an urgent need to promote active networking and reflection by diverse social actors working on issues of seed conservation, diversity and sovereignty. In response, Global Diversity Foundation (GDF) organised the 1st European Community Exchange (ECE) on seed diversity and sovereignty from 23rd-27th September 2017 in Barcelona. This event, uniquely designed for members of the European ‘community’ working on issues surrounding seeds, gathering the important work carried out on different fronts, helped us amplify our diverse efforts and allowed us to co-create a unified plan for future coordination on a European scale. The ECE on Seeds featured peer-to-peer interaction and ‘think-tank’ style concertation in stimulating indoor and outdoor venues in Barcelona, combined with pre- and post-event interaction through an online platform. In addition, the ECE included a 2-day joint activity with the EU-funded DIVERSIFOOD consortium that focused on community seed banks and related collaborative actions.

For further information on the ECE on Seed Sovereignty and Diversity, please download the concept note ECE Seed Diversity and Sovereignty in Europe – overview or contact the event coordinator Dr. Ugo D’Ambrosio: 

The full report for the event is now available in a downloadable PDF.

Read also the blog post titled Seeds at the heart of first community exchange in Europe by GEN Co-Director and GDF-UK Director, Emily Caruso.