Ugo D’Ambrosio

Scientific and Technical Advisor

Dr. Ugo D’Ambrosio is a Catalan biologist graduated at the University of Barcelona with over 20 years of academic and professional experience acquired in Barcelona, the USA, Costa Rica, the UK and Morocco. He holds a PhD in Ethnobiology from the University of Kent (UK) and two Master degrees: one in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology (UMass, USA) and the other in Environmental Management and Leadership (UCI, Costa Rica).

Working with GDF since 2016, Ugo is currently the Scientific and Technical Advisor. He provides guidance in matters relating to ethnobiology and biocultural diversity, agroecology and agrobiodiversity, governance systems and participatory methods. Additionally, Ugo collaborates closely in scaling up strategies, and contributes in grant proposals, project management, partner relations, as well as in academic publications and supervision.












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