Francesca Masoero

ISE Congress Coordinator

Francesca Masoero is an Italian curator, cultural organiser, and researcher currently working with GDF as the coordinator of the International Society of Ethnobiology (ISE) Congress (Marrakech 2024).

With a background in critical theory and political economy, Francesca has been working in Marrakech (Morocco) since 2015, first as curator of the cultural space LE 18 and, since 2019, also as programme coordinator for Dar Bellarj Foundation, where she co-curates and leads the Ch[a]rita festival and the Collective Workshops.

Through her work, she explores notions of resistance in multiple forms, including testing collective-making processes within and beyond the art field and researching the politics and poetics linked to watery worlds and to forms of being together otherwise. In 2017, she initiated QANAT, a collective research platform focusing on the politics and poetics of water and the commons in Morocco, Palestine and beyond.