Fayçal Lahrouchi

Communications Officer and Podcast Lead

Fayçal Lahrouchi is a Moroccan sound artist and cultural operator who is currently working with GDF as a Communications Officer and Podcast Lead.
With a background in non-profit cultural projects communications, Fayçal has been involved in many artistic endeavors in Morocco, sometimes in the role of a communications officer, and other times as a project lead and coordinator.

Before joining GDF, he was working at the Cinémathèque de Tanger, a Moroccan non-profit association that pursues the mission of promoting world cinema in Morocco and Moroccan cinema in the world, to propose pedagogical actions to create a platform of dialogue and meeting around the cinematographic practice.

In the recent years, he’s gained a major interest in audio-documentary podcasts as a powerful tool for telling stories, and has subsequently taken part in various residencies and workshop programs revolving around this sound practice.
He is also the co-founder of the Moroccan Electronic Music Association (AMME), an NGO dedicated to the promotion of Moroccan electronic music, through creative projects that tackle Amazigh identity in the region, traditional musical heritage, transmission and collective memory.