Michelle Stevens

Dr. Michelle Stevens (US) is an associate professor at CSU Sacramento in the Environmental Studies Department and Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Hima Mesopotamia. She holds a PhD. in Ecology from the University of California, Davis; a Masters in Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison where she was a Leopold Fellow; and a B.A. in botany and journalism from CSU Humboldt. Dr. Stevens has worked as a wetlands ecologist for over 25 years in the academic, state, federal and private sectors, with a deep passion in the Mesopotamian Marshes of Southern Iraq. She has co-authored scientific papers and book chapters on community based conservation and equitable water allocation in the Iraq Marshes and Tigris Euphrates watershed. She founded Hima Mesopotamia in 2009 to nurture the eco-cultural heritage of the Tigris-Euphrates watershed through outreach, coordination and capacity building. She currently works on a framework of al Hima, a traditional knowledge system of resource stewardship with origins in the Arabic world.


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