Egleé Zent

Dr. Egleé Zent (Venezuela) is a mother of two children. Her formal academic training has been eclectic (art, anthropology, botany, conservation biology) including PhD studies at two universities in the US: California at Berkeley and the University of Georgia. Her research focused on both the high altitude Andean region and the forested lowlands of the Jotï people. Her areas of research cover aspects of human ecology that can be defined as ethnoecological, ethnocartographic or ecogonic (ecological and biological local or traditional knowledge, ethnobotany, ethnomycology, behavioral ecology, self-demarcation of indigenous territories). Since November 2000, Egleé has worked as a researcher in the Human Ecology Laboratory at the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research. She is published in approximately 60 journals and has had the good fortune to participate in around 70 international events.


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