Authored and researched by: Camille Sapara Barton

GEN Mentorship: Nessie Reid

Editorial: Nessie Reid, Samirah Siddiqui, Simran Rawat, Andrea Ferdinand

Illustrations: Gem D’Souza

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Copyright: Published January 2022 by Global Environments Network. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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“In my wild visions for this toolkit, and how it may ripple into the world in years to come, I imagine regular grief rituals being incorporated into movements for social change, as well as other networks as a practice of care and interdependence. These grief spaces will enable us to make generative connections between our own lives, our ancestors and the stories of the lands we inhabit or are ancestrally connected to. We will all have space in the community to be with our sorrow and be embraced with tenderness. As a first step towards this vision I hope that activists, change makers, parents, care givers, healers and artists will be brave enough to give grief work a chance”.  – Camille Sapara Barton 


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Context and Lineage


Embodiment Tools (Audio & Video)

Personal Practices


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.:: Context and Lineage ::.

.:: Rituals ::.

.:: Embodiment Tools ::.

The embodiment tools outlined below are rooted in the Resilience Toolkit (RT), created by Nkem Ndefo. Camille is certified in the RT and has consent to integrate the tools alongside the grief rituals.

Please note that in this context, the RT is intended for personal and peer use. Please do not formally teach these practices or use them for commercial gain unless you have been certified in the Resilience Toolkit via Lumos Transforms. This relates to issues around safeguarding.

If you are interested in training in the RT, please visit:

.:: Personal Practices ::.

The Grief Jar practice comes from Tricia Hersey of the Nap Ministry and has been adapted slightly.

.:: Books ::.

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