Salah Noordin

Earthquake Response Consultant

As an Earthquake Response Consultant, Salah’s role at GDF is to track and evaluate the needs of villages in the High Atlas, particularly the Ighil region, which was the earthquake epicentre. His main focus in the region is shelter: to ensure all inhabitants have proper structures to withstand the elements. He also tracks other necessities such as hygiene, agriculture, food, water, clothing and power. 

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the United International Business School in Barcelona and worked for several years with Group S3 as a sourcing agent in import/export projects between Asia and Europe. As a sourcing agent, he was to locate and negotiate with manufacturers and deliver machines, raw materials and products from Asian factories to European manufacturers/distributors.

He has also spent under five years at Habitat For Humanity, where he raised funds and travelled with teams to construct homes for families in Malaysia and Thailand. His vast international experience and close personal connections to the region have made him very passionate about protecting livelihoods in the Atlas, particularly since the 6.9 Earthquake that struck Morocco in 2023.