Louisa Aarrass

Outreach and Programme Curator

Louisa Aarrass is an English-Morrocan agroecologist, artist/researcher who is currently working for GDF as the Outreach and Programme Curator. In this role, Louisa curates public programming and visual outputs to expand and diversify the dissemination of GDF’s work. Using participatory research, workshops and photo-based work, they’re interested in exploring the political and sociocultural complexities of food systems. An academic background in agroecology and plant science furthered their interest in productive landscapes and the way people interact with them. 

Louisa likes to practice community building centered on the aforementioned themes in the Marrakech region through long term involvement in cultural spaces throughout the city to reflect and act on the multiple understandings and forms of (re)production of the commons in Morocco and beyond.