Paule Gros

Paule Gros (France/USA) is currently managing a MAVA Foundation programme in the Mediterranean region. She is by training a conservation biologist. After studying the predicting factors of cheetah conservation status in East Africa for her PhD (from University of California Davis) she focussed on communities of mammals and birds of Bosawas Biosphere Reserve in Nicaragua. Studying the sustainability of hunting practices of the indigenous people of the reserve was an eye opener on the intricate relationship between natural and cultural worlds. Encouraged to look further on the other side of the mirror, she then worked with the Mayangna people of Bosawas to document their knowledge, believes and practices related to the aquatic environment, especially fishes and turtles as part of a project from UNESCO’s Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems Programme. Having now switched from an implementer to a donor role, she keenly encourages the development of a network of practitioners of cultural approaches to biodiversity conservation  in collaboration with several Mediterranean and international organisations including DiversEarth and IUCN.


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