Octaviana V. Trujillo

Octaviana V. Trujillo (U.S.A.) is a professor of Applied Indigenous Studies at Northern Arizona University. She has been involved with indigenous community development and empowerment initiatives throughout her career and has also facilitated international learning experiences for students, She served as Fulbright Faculty for the US State Department for their Indigenous Student Leadership Development Seminar in Sololá, Guatemala and in Caracas, Venezuela. She was consultant to the Ford Foundation Indigenous Issues Committee study for determining the intervention of the Ford Foundation in relation to global indigenous communities, and expert panelist for the Organization of American States and UN-Human Rights Commission, Seminario Internacional, Autonomías Indígenas: Experiencias y Aprendizajes de los Pueblos y los Estados de América Latina in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. She currently serves on the President’s Advisory Circle for First Nations, University of Winnipeg, Canada and as Chairperson of the EPA National Advisory Committee on NAFTA.

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