Khaled Misbahuzzaman

Dr. Khaled Misbahuzzaman (Bangladesh) is a Professor of Forest Restoration Ecology at Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences in Chittagong University, Bangladesh, the same institute he graduated with a B. Sc. (Honors) Forestry degree in 1992. He received post-graduate training in Natural Resource Planning and Management from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand in 1995, and his PhD in Forest Restoration Ecology from Edinburgh University, UK in 1999. He partnered with Center for International Forestry Research (Bogor, Indonesia) for a research project on livelihood and landscape conservation strategies of ethnic communities in Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. He pursued his post-doctoral research in forest-based community livelihoods at Copenhagen University, Denmark in 2009, and in ethnoecology and ethnoforestry at Pennsylvania State University, USA in 2010. He is currently a research fellow at Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (Munich, Germany). His research project is on traditional ecological knowledge systems of the hill ethnic communities of Bangladesh.


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