Karl Herweg

Dr. Karl Herweg is a Geographer and Head of the “Education for Sustainable Development” Cluster at the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), Bern University. He holds a PhD in Geography from Basle University (Switzerland) involving a three-year field research work on soil erosion in Italy. Hereafter he worked as advisor and project manager in a soil and water conservation research project in Ethiopia and Eritrea. His focus in research and teaching is on sustainable management of natural resources and impact/outcome monitoring, linking ecological, social and economic dimensions of sustainability. Over the last decade Karl was mainly involved in inter- and transdisciplinary training and learning events with Bachelor, Master and PhD students in various training institutions in Switzerland and overseas. He prefers integrative training approaches that involve students and lectures of different disciplines, if possible including field work and encounters with non-academic actors during the courses.

Contact info@global-diversity.org to connect with Karl.