Elizabeth Rahman

Elizabeth Rahman (UK/Spain), a social and medical anthropologist, is a Postdoctoral Associate of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Oxford and tutor for the Department of Continuing Education. Elizabeth specializes in hands-on, indigenous and applied techniques that cultivate mindfulness in diverse environmental and climatic settings, with a special focus on Amazonia and rural Spain (Canary Islands). Her doctoral research ‘Made by Artful Practice: Reproduction, Health and the Perinatal Period among Xié River Dwellers of North-Western Brazil’ (2014) examined the repertoire of hands-on perinatal techniques used by the Warekena of tropical Brazil (north-western Amazonia) and how these are used to make particular types of mindful and healthy people adept at living in such an environment. Elizabeth is currently interested in applying biosocial anthropological research to promote wellbeing and sustainability – as part of the curriculum and through outdoor pedagogic approaches – in primary, secondary and tertiary education. She is a native English speaker and also speaks French, Spanish, Portuguese and lingua geral (Amazonian lingua franca).


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