Environmental Justice Programme

Marginalised communities – which are often racialized communities of the global majority, who experience higher rates of poverty and disenfranchisement- are disproportionately impacted by environmental destruction and climate change. While at the forefront of environmental protection, these communities are also often negatively impacted by the ‘solutions’ implemented to protect the environment or reverse damage. 

Our Environmental Justice Programme supports projects that target the pressing issues of inequity around the uneven distribution of environmental burden, effects of climate change, and impacts of conservation initiatives, among other challenges. We nurture projects that seek to address racial justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, through dedicated support for changemakers from marginalised communities.

Project In/Visibility challenges the status quo by bringing narrative-shifting stories from the grassroots to classrooms and workplaces in the conservation sector. It is a conduit between academia and NGOs, channeling the diverse and plural voices at the forefront of social and ecological justice.