Analysing integrated management in socio-ecological systems- Expert workshop

Cultural landscapes are complex socioecological systems, both in theoretical and practical terms. Carrying out integrated management in these landscapes is an endeavour which requires a set of conditions, knowledge, skills, partnerships and a vision worth dissecting amongst practitioners of this kind of management.

In this GEN in conversation online event, coinciding with the end of the Marrakech Harvest Festival (May 2022), we reflected on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that integrated management entails. Through a participatory workshop, we interacted with a variety of NGO representatives, socioenvironmental practitioners and activists, as well as academics interested in exchanging ideas, tools and reflections surrounding integrated management in biocultural and socioecological systems. We used a situational analysis (using a SWOT matrix), followed by an interactive discussion on how to positively transform and improve the current management systems.

Date: 27th May 2022

Time: 10:30-13:00 CEST

If interested, please sign up to the event via this link. We will be sending more detailed information by mid-May. 

This is one of the multiple dissemination activities derived from our MAVA learning and sharing grant, which has allowed us to synthesise, reflect and broadcast the remarkable work that GDF has been doing in the High Atlas Cultural Landscapes Programme over the past 8 years, co-lead with MBLA and the 5 Amazigh communities we mostly work with.

Please note that there is limited participation (maximum 30), therefore if you sign up and then realise you cannot attend, please unenroll from the workshop using the same link, so that other interested colleagues have an opportunity to take part in the conversation. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.












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